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part time cashier crew 

What You'll Do: Get ready to groove behind the register! Take orders, handle transactions, and keep the pizza party rolling with your infectious energy and blazing customer service skills. You’ll make salads and appetizers galore when not ringing up customers. ​ Delivery Dynamo (Optional): Want to hit the road and spread the pizza love? Strap in and get ready to deliver piping-hot pies to our hungry customers' doorsteps, all while rocking out to your favorite tunes! We have a company car. This is optional for those who have ​ What You Bring to the Table: Your smile is as cheesy as our pizzas, and your enthusiasm is contagious! Every interaction is a chance to sprinkle some joy and make someone's day. You're not just a solo act; you're the ultimate team player! Whether it's lending a hand during a rush or sharing a cheesy joke to lighten the mood, you're there for your squad; as we’re there for you! You're not just punching in orders; you're a menu maestro! From classic combos to custom creations, you will know our menu inside and out. ​ Perks & Benefits: Enjoy mouthwatering discounts on all our delectable dishes – because everyone deserves a slice of the pie! Flexibility: We understand that life's too short for boring jobs. That's why we offer flexible scheduling and a fun, laid-back atmosphere.  ​

part time experienced pizza maker

Are you a dough-slinging, cheese-melting, sauce-spreading maestro? Do you dream in pepperoni and speak fluent mozzarella? If so, we've got the perfect gig for you at The Oven Pizzeria! ​ We're on the hunt for a part-time Pizza Picasso to join our sizzling team. Your mission? To craft mouthwatering masterpieces that'll make taste buds dance and hearts sing. ​ Requirements: Must have pizza maker experience or similar position. Must be ready to rock on evenings and weekends, when pizza cravings are at their peak! ​ Dough on the go: Competitive pay to fuel your pizza passion.

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