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Great Dough Is Great Pizza

Using fresh, quality ingredients The Oven's continues a tradition of New York style pizza, along with a signature San Francisco sourdough pizza.  Locals and visitors of Monterey County can have their favorite slice of pizza pie, whether it’s thin crust East Coast style or West Coast style. Our gourmet pies are hand made!

Our Seasonal Pies are sure to be among the many favorites! Read the Yelp reviews of what pizza connoisseurs are saying about The Oven!

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Offering two different styles, East Coast (thin crust) or West Coast (sourdough) there is sure to be a favorite for each person. Garlic lovers are drawn to our pies as we paint the crust with either butter garlic or garlic olive oil. From potatoes to artichokes to salami and traditional pepperoni, our line of unique toppings are a big hit!

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We are creative at The Oven, so each season we feature and serve a different type of gourmet pizza. Our pizzas are made with fresh dough and features fresh seasonal and organic vegetables (when available). 

Check out the menu to see what's in for this season!

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